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Wellness Grooming

We're a wellness focussed groomer -- which means your dog's health and comfort is our primary goal. Everything we do is centered around what's best for your dog. 

 All dogs require regular, consistent hygiene and maintenance 'grooming' to stay clean, healthy and happy, regardless of breed or coat type. 

Every groom starts with a 6 point wellness checkup, our 'Rainbow PetCHECK', and it's included without any charge. You'll receive a detailed report about our assessment of your dog's overall external health. It's part of our commitment to your dog's well-being. 




We provide more than haircuts and baths: we're about giving your dog the longest, healthiest life possible. 


We don't just groom your pup, we do a 6-point wellness check of everything from their teeth to their skin to their glands.

And to keep you in the loop, after every groom you’ll receive our Rainbow PetCheck Report detailing our assessment of your pet’s overall external health. This way, you can be assured we are well-acquainted with your dog and any issues he may have, such as hot spots, allergies, gum disease, ear infections, and the like. This helps you stay on top of small problems that can turn into big problems if ignored.

The RAINBOW PetCheck is just another way we help you stay informed, educated, and empowered when it comes to your dog’s health and well-being.

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